Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Festivities and Product Updates

I hope everyone's Easter was amazing! I went to my mom's and we colored eggs. The funny part about this picture is that about 6 years ago my mom bought this Coach purse and decided she didn't like it after she took the tags off so she couldn't return it. For the past 6 years my dad likes to remind her that she spend a ton of money on an Easter Basket so this year it was the Easter Basket.

After we colored eggs I took the opportunity of having nice weather and my parent's backyard to take some more pictures of my collars. Marley and Abbey ran around for about an hour and got tired enough to be able to sit still for a few snapshots. 
Abbey had a ball! She loves being a model.

Marley just wanted to hang out and soak in the sun!

My parent's dog, Tessa, just wanted to bird watch.

This is Abbey sporting a small collar in Paula Prass - Pebble Stone Pink which can be found here.

Off to make more collars. I'm working on some Michael Miller Damask prints.

Also, I've got a new product coming up tags....stay tuned.